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Ma_Zentral 12 DVD Development

----------------------------------------------------------------------[ Meta ]--

name		mazentral/12/dvd
section		39
description	Ma_Zentral 12 DVD Development
tags		programs mazentral scripts mazentral12
encoding	utf8
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lang		en
creation	2014/09/27 16:45:08
copyright	Copyright (c) 2014, 2015
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------------------------------------------------------------------[ Overview ]--

Ma_Zentral 12 Release
 1. Planning
     1. Gather application lists
     2. Implement basic shell system
     3. Compile d5man for Windows
     4. Devise command to create 8.4G disk including MDVL 32 CD
 2. Applications
     1. Add Applications
         * D5Man
         * DirStat 2
         * Old Ma_Zentral and Plugins, MMC, Ma_Shell
         * `popt` and `prod` (all) make objview java3d available
         * `pous` Ma_Shell, JavaInfo, Math, Matrix, Prim
         * `prev` (BWINF2012: alles Java, BWINF2013: Versteigerung)
         * `work` (STNE, Tools 2.1, Eclipse: AnDenNutzer, Bakup v.3, BinConvert,
           Copy 2.0, Die Info, DirStat 1, L3, Ma Edit, Ma_Zentral 11,
           Pressed Keys, Screen Index, Tools 1 und 2)
         * `xond` (JSize)
         * Update MDVL 32 CD
     2. Add core applications
         * JVM
         * Executor (including a short test)
         * VIFM (+ configuration just like ranger is now)
            * consult DirStat 2 conffile regarding e.g. image file types etc.
            * consult ranger and vifmrc for templates
     3. Add applications
         * Decide how to use potentially remaining space
     4. Add data
         * Check what old Ma_Zentral 11 included
         * Useful file templates
         * Logos
         * A few background images?
         * What else is useful?
     5. Create documentation
         * Application tables insufficent. Need some classification
         * Remove all application tables and
         * create a special d5man page mazentral/12(33) to document
           Ma_Zentral 12 including some categories w/ applications etc.
            * Link this table from shell toc.
         * Also use this doc to describe basic functionality
     6. Check and Optimize
         1. Check under Windows XP
         2. Reset Windows 8 VM and test there
             * perform virus check and document and inspect suspicious files
         3. Check under Windows 8 64 bit
 3. Build
 4. Check and Optimize Build
 5. Design cover and create physical medium

 * `cmd /c start /b "" COMMANDLINE` to correctly start `COMMANDLINE`
 * 7z ZIP creation: `7z -tzip -mx=9 a /usr/share/mdvl/ial`

----------------------------------------------------------[ Applicaton Lists ]--

Main Application List
 * Firefox Portable in 7-Zip
    * url(
 * D5Man / IAL
 * 7-Zip(
 * Foxit Reader url(
 * Putty(
 * Vim
    * Tetris
    * my syntax files and `vimrc`
    * Win64(
    * Win32(
    * Runtime(
 * Sysinternals Suite (especially Autoruns and Procexp)
    * url(
 * WinSCP( (choose ``Portable executables'')
 * Thunderbird Portable in 7-Zip
    * url(
    * url(
    * url(
 * Libreoffice Portable in 7-Zip
    * url(
 * PostgreSQL portable
    * url(
 * Wireshark portable url(
 * NMAP portable url(
 * Crystal Disk Info
    * url(
 * VIFM for Windows
 * API Monitor url(, use ZIP
 * AutoIT url(, use ZIP
 * Blue Screen View (@NirSoft)
    * url( also use 64 bit ver.
 * _TEST_ DXX-Rebirth url(
    * _TEST_ check if this also works w/ Windows XP
 * Descent3
 * GIMP Portable
    * url(
 * Iconview
 * IMG Burn url(
 * Irfan View
    * url(
    * url(
 * JEdit(
    * also test from VIFM
 * Lynx( (setup only)
 * QBasic
 * Busybox(
    * Shell Setup: url(
 * AESCrypt( use 32 and 64 bit version
 * `bat2com`, `bat2exec`, ``, `png2ico.exe`, `vncviewer.exe`,
   ``, ``
    * rem: `.com`-files will not work on new Windows versions because they lack
      the 16 bit emulation layer
 * _TEST_ WGet(
 * _TEST_ Microsoft Robocopy (setup `rktools.exe`)
 * _TEST_ SIS Programme
 * MikTex Portable url(
    * PDF, PoWi Referat, CHM Referat, Abiz, GAU
 * Oracle Java 7 JDK
    * _TEST_ java3d and strong cryptography (demo files below `informal/xrem`)
    * url(
    * url(
    * Java3d
 * Server2Go(
    * Use PHP, Sqlite, MySQL version
 * Seqoia View
    * url(
 * Ultradefrag(
    * Portable Release for 32bit and 64bit Windows on Intel/AMD
 * _TEST_ VLC Portable
    * url(
 * Netcat url(
    * alt. url(
 * Git for Windows url(, `bin` directory only
 * File Alyzer url(
 * Eclipse url( use 32/64 bit
 * VisualVM url( already included
 * _TEST_ BinVis url( setup only
 * _TEST_ Rsync url(
 * VisualBoy Advance
    * url(
 * _TEST_ Win32 DiskImager url(
 * NASM url(;O=D)
 * MingW `gcc` (use `mingw-get` and `wine` to create this)
    * requires zlib dll url(
 * InSSIDer(
 * HxD Hex Editor url(
 * NirCmd (`nircmd elevate` is really useful)
    * url(
    * url(
    * license requires to keep original distribution intact
 * _TEST_ GNU CPIO url(
    * _TEST_ if this works w/ jmbb on Windows (create on Windows,
      restore on Windows, create on Linux restore on Windows)
 * ``Everything'' portable url(
 * New D3 OOF Conversion and editing utilities (esp. aloof etc.)
 * WinDirStat(
 * ImageMagick(
 * TestDisk(
 * url(
   calldll, chsize32, copyacls, cut, devioctl, enumps/64, exelist/64, fileinfo,
   gethost, getkey, killwin, movent, psmod/64, rawcopy/64, setprio, shortren/64,
   sizdir, sizeof/64, strarc/64, swapadd/64, tickcount, w32ver, whois, enumwinw,
   fsplitw, gethostw, logonwrap, logout, synctime, tickcntw, w32ver,
   winlogoncfg and (dot net provided) checksum, graph viewer, odbc dataviewer
    * @License: Requires to copy a text file to the Ma_Zentral DVD, it is the
      linked `license.txt` (add it to Ma_Zentral and be done with it)
 * Include c't 20/2014's forensics tools for windows
 * NifSkope(, Setup

Additional programs if space permits it
 * SEL Inkscape(
 * Blender
 * Windows PE (HRC)
 * Minecraft (600 MiB?)
    * include this w/o texture pack it is small enough
    * prevent network access using Java policy (not that simple => not included
    * Debian has a PolicyTool which allows this to be entered... try it out!
 * Oblivion (8.5 GiB); space will not allow it but would be cool
 * Torchlight (436 MiB)
 * Warcraft III (1.2 GiB, no)
 * Delphi 6 (no)

Setups only
 * Ext2Fsd( test this!

---------------------------------------------------[ Missing in this release ]--

User stories
 * Compile `dhex` for Windows (does not work with `pdcurses`) -> use MingW?
 * Extend Ma_Zentral MMC (and get a backwards-compatible version for WinXP?)
 * WinScp: ability to copy to local installation for remembering keys correctly
 * Ability to have specific per system configuration
 * Ability to do an incremental install (including background update)
 * add some sort of tiling window manager (c't suggests such exist!)
 * Autorun `shutdown /a` (?) and DKS-Term if configured
 * GIMP Plugin Registry
 * Extend QEMU experiments to be able to run live DVD from inside Windows (?)
    * url(
    * url(
    * url(
    * Qemu is so slow that we might want to consider virtualbox which also
      requires admin rights: url( / using guest utils is
      not for commercial usage => do not do that.
 * add `cabarc` url(
 * VIFM means of creating new file (or make `ranger` available)
 * Nanozip, ZPAQ and FreeArc
 * Furmark GPU benchmark
 * Prime95 CPU benchmark
 * Configure Ma_Zentral 11 (#2)
 * Add tools from c't 26/2014
 * Create a live WindowsPE (like Win8.1SE) also described in c't 26/2014 and add
   it to the USB Stick version of Ma_Zentral 12 (which is yet to be created)
    * Creating Windows PE is much easier than it previously was... do it!
 * Make `php` runnable as a commandline application to be able to employ PHP for
   scripts to be written on demand (new UseCase)
 * allow building whole Ma_Zentral via simple script (probably for windows?
   or mixed? or needing from a previous version?)
    * need to supply configuration file tree
    * supply empty program directories
      w/ scripts for auto-download and copy here ``finalization''
      alt. copy from MDVL scripts
    * Build Process
       1. Phase: Take Raw Tree + MDVL64 image: execute all linux buildscripts
          (instead of MDVL64 image we could probably just work on MDVL64!)
       2. Phase: Take First Phase Tree: execute all windows buildscripts
          (downloads, installs, configures and copies all programs which are
          available from the internet)
           * How do we do this w/o shared folders?
           * Need some on-demand network server which is understood by windows
       3. Phase: Back to Linux: Build indices, copy dynamic data (IAL, D5Man)
          and build DVD image (using MDVL64 image!)
    * should be automatic in a sense that we invoke the linux script and then
      do some steps in a windows vm (when requested by linux script) and then
      get the result tree as well as DVD image
    * needs to be able to start at any step (and prints steps at which we might
      want to continue)
    * needs to be able to perform ``partial rebuilds'' (?)
 * Improve performace (Quick startup, executor, browser)
    * reduce shell script usage
       * SubTask: Make `d5man` use less shell scripting
    * default shell is Ma_Shell again (find some means to get colorful prompt)
      -- probably emulate this using powershell?
    * start programs directly (direct path in csv conf)
    * pregenerate Executor indices (including Windows directories cause it does
      not work otherwise) / alt. create own launcher with browsing capability
    * store path w/ local Ma_Zentral conf and delete local conf on changed path
    * remove Ma_Zentral Mutterkonsole and create separate commands which are
      available everywhere (just like w/ MAEM)
 * automatically accept sysinternals licenses.
   -> there is also a parameter for that
 * Make these Tools work fully integrated
    * Dir_Stat 2
    * `d5man` (including local data storage! and Windows compilation)
    * Ma_Zentral 11 (fallback launcher if Ma_Zentral 12 fails to run)
    * `objview`
    * JMBB (at least for restoring)
 * Integrate a simplified automatic Windows-update script
 * Integrate Terminus fonts (and make them default for all programs included)
 * Windows configuration set which can be imported and causes design to
   go towards Windows 95 and turns on details view in explorer, configures
   Terminus in Notepad, etc.
 * Integrate a fully-featured (GNU!) `make` program!
 * Add `xming` (graphical X11 client for Windows)
 * factor out security-related tools to enhance compliance w/ w\~ policies
 * Add `maxima` as a calculator
 * Add PDF presenter tool (recall SCP)

 * Make Executor launch nonexistent commands as well (upon hitting enter)
   -> alt. supersede it all at once...
 * Firefox version outdated
 * VIFM is not using `öt` but `,t` and such
    * `,` is reverse-search and thus a bad choice!
 * MMC does not work on Windows XP
 * Dirstat 2 fails on Windows XP because PostgreSQL can not be started
   ``pg... ist keine zulässige Win32 Anwendung'' probably wrong architecture
    * It fails on other systems as well -- revise PostgreSQL as a whole
    * also revise dir stat btw
 * Borland Turbo C++ does not find includes and libraries
    * A conffile `bin/turboc.cfg` is misconfigured. => use 7-zip and generate
      cfg on demand
    * This does not work either? What now?
    * Obviously, the conf also gets written to the exe (!)
    * A simple sed did not work (because of the modified addresses)
    * This case seems to be pretty hopeless... DosBox? quemu?
    * DosBox would be a good idea in general :)
 * Windows XP `` yields permission denied
    * Not too much an issue because we can login as admin on Windows
 * Tunnel (batch script) is missing
 * Java 3D not working if not all is specified in `-cp` explicitely
   (export CLASSPATH to resolve this)
 * Strange bug appeared on Windows 7 64 bit: Cygwin failed to allocate heap
   memory (as Stackoverflow suggests, this issue is known and a few fixes seem
   to exist, but nothing definitve). Investigate and Verify how often this
   appears / rearely appears but whole shell script concept does not seem to be
   that reliable...
 * "`Ma_Zentral Mutterkonsole"' is often unavailable (due to a different name?)
 * Reincarnation of `\\NVIDIA` and other things
   -> also `\\OpenCL` -> install OCL in a VM and test if it can be reproduced
   locally / seems to occur whenever a `"` is contained within a PATH. Thus the
   solution seems to be to avoid quotes in PATH environment variables
   (directories with spaces are recognized even if not in quotes!)
 * Windows 8 32 bit (Dreamspark VM): Unless started from the [ALT]-[F8] Terminal
   `d5man` does not find the database.
 * Microsoft Hyper V Server: Launcher can not be started (missing tray etc,
   cf. #2)
 * D3Edit not in the latest version... fix this!
   -> `/data/programs/games/descent` has the latest version as a ZIP file.
 * Add KVM guest utils/drivers
 * Add `jarnal` (drawing on PDFs), add `pdfjam` (port from Linux)
 * Ma_Zentral GIT fails with ``warning: templates not found... fatal: Unable to
   find remote helper for 'https\''' -- seems to be an issue with the local git
 * Ma_Zentral is missing a wakeonlan utility.
 * Eclipse outdated and start script should prepend Ma_Zentral PATH to the
   system PATH for the Eclipse installation to use the Ma_Zentral-provided JDK
 * Ma_Shell (N) version (and normal one) do not find `java` / environment
   variable PATH is incomplete!

 * farbige prompts etc. Power Shell `Write-Host "a" -ForegroundColor "Green"`
   etc. => neue Ma_Shell auf PSH Basis
 * Möglichkeit, aus VIFM eine `bash` zu starten wäre hilfreich
   ... oder auch nicht. Ma_Zentral 12 macht das ja eigentlich, aber manchmal
   will man leiber die `cmd.exe`.
 * Standard-Shell sollte nicht mehr `bash` sein, sondern wieder Windows-Shell
 * Es ist dringend notwendig `\\NVIDIA` (etc.) zu beheben!
 * VIFM sollte nicht mehr Batchdateien und Programme durch `l` einfach öffnen
 * Ma_Zentral 13 sollte ähnlich Ma_Zentral 11 aussehen, mit Java Native
   Interface die Tastenkombinationen registrieren und sich dynamisch anhand der
   verschiednen Verzeichnisse konfigurieren (conffile include oder ähnliches)
   alt. andere Programmiersprache, die ein GUI erstellen kann verwenden?
 * Add `jdgui` to Ma_Zentral / Java Decompiler
 * ps2pdf fehlt (Ma_Zentral kann ps-Dateien ohne LaTeX nicht öffnen)
 * GIMP unter Windows extrem instabil => ... neuere Versionen werden das Problem
   (ohne mein Zutun) beheben?

 * We finally want to merge MDVL and Ma_Zentral
 * This requires all MDVL-programs to be available on Windows as well
   (and we need to emulate i3 window management as good as possible...)
 * it is a huge task
 * thinking about mobile Cygwin and other ``Unix-layers'' it should be possible
   to produce good results
 * Be aware of DVD speed, Windows XP compatibility
 * introduce update capability in a packaged way making Ma_Zentral much more
 * Custom launcher which might also be useful on Linux systems
 * Ma_Zentral allows quick invocation and _browsing_ of programs available
   (important improvement over Ma_Zentral 12)
 * It is important that if we can not run the same application in both
   environments, we need to get a similar alternative. Tools especially affected
   by this
    * file manager
    * PDF viewer
    * window management capabilities
    * dhex (might be able to compile this for Windows!)
    * bash
 * Simple commands need to be visible in the browser as well. Every application
   needs to be listed and tagged! (probably in form of d5man pages?)

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