d5man/status(39) Language: English

D5Man Status Information

New Idea

Evaluating the previous steps, it is clear that neither a Java-only, nor a decomposed Shell Script and C-only solution is good. The decomposed solution has shown to be too slow in conjunction with Ma_Zentral while the Java-only version is far too complex and probably too heavy on resources as well.

Misc Conclusions
  • do not require attachment changes to be entered via standard interface
  • Sqlite selected, only use libsqlite, dumb server
Parts of the program not affected by the transition/no changes required
  • d5man2xml
  • libd5manmeta
  • libmawxml
  • masitecopy

Board for new Development


User Stories
  • export: text based figures (ditaa is written in Java!) ditaa works but outputs eps which needs to be converted to SVG and PDF to be useful in LaTeX and website contexts. This in turn requires that the external language processor can somehow invoke the media converter?
  • d5man2xml enhancement: creating a titled list w/ quotation in list title w/o leading space leads to obscure assertion failure (and invalid XML) Test:"`quoted"' vs. Test: "`quoted"'
    • make this produce a sensible error message (i.e. closing quotation w/o opening should cause immediate termination)
  • client: xml2d5man
    • requires the XML format to be final, i. e. most bugs in d5man2xml and such should be fixed before attempting to work on this
    • especially re-think on description lists / titled lists!
  • replace IAL
    • The new substitute has to implement special functions #... using the API which has been established for the offline search.
    • Generally, it seems we do not replace IAL as a whole but rather split it into three parts
      1. Large API documentation (converted to d5man)
      2. Short information (converted to d5man or pdf)
      3. Medium-sized less important pages (e.g. the art of unix programming etc.) → do not convert
  • general: tag MDVL packages by compliance for release
    • probably use directory trees and reprepro sections for this
    • requires full rebuild → associated w/ MDPC 2.0
  • enhancement: descent/3(35) link download links
  • how to link blog entries (section 37) except if referenced from somewhere else? a page below the overview 35 section?
    • website/content: Decide how to process section 37. Shall we link from overview/thoughts(35) or from the news calendar only? (duplicates above)
    • use news via new Screenindex 2 (⇒ DLY)
  • website: Develop method to make PKGs available for download
    • Use existing system + a table of packages for which symlinks are automatically created/updated (simple and working approach!)
      • Won't play well with a repository but we do not have an online repository anyway.
  • create a page like a_case_against_online_activation 35 and link it from overview/mods(34) oblivion.
  • online_storage_comparison 36 could compare MyDrive GDrive and CX as well as Microsoft's storage (CX no longer accessible to the end user...)
  • create fusion_reactor/0 34 fusion_reactor/a 34 and ansichtskarte 34
  • website/usability how about SmartTV user agents? wrt. to max 30 cm width. → Use media query
  • client: d5man as regular man
    • depends xml2d5man and man2xml (to be written or found somewhere)
  • general: tag filesystem using xinfo.d5i per dir
    • d5mancompliant7z
    • d5mancompliantcp
    • d5mancompliantfind (to be used w/ cpio)
  • New function: d5mancompliantfind (Java or C)
  • d5man(32) largely incomplete (todo give a broad view etc.)
    • where to start – start by giving a short description for all utilities ⇒ a nice diagram to show their interdependence would be cool.
    • which sub-pages will finally exist?
      • REQ: d5man(32), d5man/format(32)
      • Unsure: d5man/build_instructions 32 (how to compile on different platforms), d5man/setup 32 (configuration instructions, files...)
      • what else? Need a documentation for the LaTeX Template d5man/tex 32 (esp. wrt offline server invoc w/ terminus, IAL generation etc.)
  • d5man2xml numbered items need to be prefixed w/ 0 to be equally wide.
    • This should not be necessary.
  • feature request: gdi1/summary could use a means of making titled sourcecode probably by adding an empty line indented with a tab to make it a description-type list.
  • Similarily, it would be useful to have a means of manually preserving a newline. In the spirit of D5Man we should just use {\\} for this ☺ (still need to recognize it in XHTML export!)
  • New function: D5Man Import Framework (to get IAL into D5Man) (pre-depends xml2d5man)
  • Website: Online Search function usage of temporary tables should now be deprecated in favour of real with statements which are now possible as per lima-city PHP update!
  • Website: HTTPs by default! A first attempt to implement a redirection did not yield positive results... (go for JavaScript w/ complete fallback and no issue wrt. moving content?)
  • Going backward in D5Man UI should position the cursor at the same place we came from ⇒ quick exploring possible
  • Create some wrapper scripts for common commandlines especially wrt to server and export invocation. This is like export by query or server by query or such. / Make sure these do not increase the time necessary to start common D5Man-Commandlines on Windows! → Solved by creating a good d5man program
  • Allow \code{tikz} to be used to mark following code as part of a TikZ picture (use this for D5 story diagram or such...)
  • Improve d5manxml2tex.xsl (see embedded TODO-markers)
  • LaTeX export: Make sure tables are sideways if too large (seems difficult to archive)
  • LaTeX export template: Assoc section numbers to description and display information on separator page. This pre-depends newly defining the meanings of sections which are currently already not-as-wanted.
  • Improve D5Man-TeX-Math-Interface to support dedicated quotations like in gather-environments
  • Improve d5manvalidate to use parallel connections for weblink checking
  • Improve d5manvalidate to check for unwanted redirects for downloads (when pages have changed owner etc.) while retaining an ability to also accept wanted redirects
  • Improve (Windows) performance by reducing the path d5man 39 d5man/status. Generally we want to replace the current d5man by d5manui. Therefore, d5manui needs to support additional commandline arguments which allow other d5man program parts to be invoked, like -x for direct XML export to stdout, -h for HTML export by query, -p for PDF export by query, -s for server (by optional compliance)
  • d5man2xml does not handle 0x0c (page break) in any useful means. It just strips such bytes out of the document. It would be good to add a tag to handle page breaks (this can be done in LaTeX as well!)
  • LaTeX export: <<test>> results in French quotation marks instead of two separate character on each side.
  • Creating google-drive links does not require an additional tool. It is sufficient to replace https://drive.google.com/file/d/FILE_ID/edit?usp=sharing w/ https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=FILE_ID
  • Import information about e-mail keys (non-convertable existing d5i and some HTML doc)... may be re-ordered to improve the process as a whole (ALT. create MDVL script)
  • D5Man Export: Triggering message in d5manxml2tex.xsl causes export to crash (wanted) but the corresponding message is not displayed (unwanted).
  • style should left-align text explicitly to avoid wrongly looking spaces.
  • d5man2xml: empty lines in code result in incorrect table indentation error
  • content: Ma_Zentral 11 contains german Archive Server descr, archive_server(33) the readme: MERGE!
  • document missing pre first try for mawebsite 3 website/content: inconsistency mawebsite3/first_try(33) has a previous try which is not documented
  • d5man2xml fails if a titled numbered list with the first element 1. ~ is created.
  • d5manserver: Need to enclose text which begins w/ formula in <p> tag for correct indentation and validation
  • Invalid formula just results in empty space on website ⇒ Should produce a warning or error message during transformation.
  • d5man2xml: Slash between to code quotes not recognized as separator ⇒ only first part is processed as code, second part is reproduced verbatim
  • d5manview: Enter Datenstrukturen und -Typen and use öh and see that we get Datenstrukturen und--Typen (a superflous -)
  • d5manview: If window is about 80 characters wide saving yields unnecessary requirement to press enter.
  • d5manexport page w/ tilde for space just causes export to hang? → ANALYZE
  • Potential regression in d5manexport: backup cxml pages fail to export to PDF package keyval tag undefined – probably an issue w/ XML sourcecodes?
  • d5man2xml xml output indentation error: if <i><math> comes, <math> is not indented
  • d5man2xml: Code word and english quotation lack space between, consider `movs` ``Move with sign extension'' (will lack space)
  • LaTeX export issue: << is displayed as french qutoation, but we want the literal less signs to be displayed.
  • LaTeX export issue: all images displayed at 100% page width. Allow configuring only part of that (additional parameter to \img)
  • d5man2xml: Staring a code with an ADA-Comment like -- yields failure to parse this as a contra-list.
  • d5man2xml: Writing Guards (`::`)\n * `...` makes d5man2xml produce the start of a description list inside the description list which causes a fatal error. Might be related to the other description list which contains list bug
  • LaTeX export issue: included graphics should be limited by page height (fgdi3 summary has an example of a graphic which is so long it does not fit on A4 export..., sort of maxheight=pageheight needed.)
  • d5man2xml: When processing a table with many smileys (cf. se/summary), the smileys in the last column are not displayed correctly ⇒ symbol resolution issue... not fixed completely yet.
  • d5man vim interface: Do not go back (on backspace) or forward on enter if file has open modifications
  • too many newlines in generated XML output (d5man2xml and Ma_Website!)
  • Bug: D <<= k results in quotation being displayed in D5Man LaTeX export
  • d5man2xml bug: ∊ results in in-symbol being dispalyed ⇒ remove this feature...
  • d5man2xml bug: description list content starting w/ -> results in donwtriangle being produced instead of rightarrow
  • d5manvalidate displays a lot of errors wrt download fields missing in pages etc. which are false alerts... fix this
  • LaTeX complilation fails for source code w/ character
  • d5manserver (or export?) creates a .css for \code{} which is not what we want: We want to only save (and include) stylesheets when they are necessary, not when they are generated empty
  • LaTeX compilation fails for source code w/ µ character
  • d5man2xml math at begin of first table field not recognized properly.
  • d5man2xml bug sometimes dies during export of whole internal class. → *** Error in /usr/bin/d5man2xml: free: invalid next size (fast): 0x0000000001053250 ***
  • LaTeX compilation fails for text which contains normal unicode greek characters.
  • d5man2xml trailing ' like in ... f'\n ... causes unexpected space error.
  • LaTeX export: What is GPGPU + Link from pmpp/summary 35 is not showing the necessary footnote.
  • xml2d5man: Need to encode backslashes for <c> tags.
  • LaTeX export: a list like * \[test unexpectedly replaces the item's label and not the content. Template should generate a \relax before first user-supplied characters.
  • LaTeX export escaped backslash (textbackslash) in D5Man has no trailing space even if one was present in the D5Man source code (due to the necessity of generating a reactor symbol after textbaslash to treat it as a trailing space)
  • d5man2xml: code inside < and > characters is not produced correctly: <`test@example.com`> does not print the e-mail in teletype font.
  • Website bug: web/experiment/ein_mal_eins(31) exported to invalid XHTML (header is wrong)

In Progress

User Stories
  • server: write newspage
    • it was decided to do this using Screenindex 2 ⇒ do not wait for this before publishing the new website.
    • In the meantime it is advisable to create a placeholder like newsp 31
    • Developing this feature seams incredibly expensive esp. wrt. all the dependent applications which need to be changed (this can not be achieved sanely within the current XML API)
  • Now working on d5manimport (needs to be re-written in Java)
  • currently not working on any defects


User Stories
  • Replace old D5Man w/ new implementation already?
    • Reintroduced d5man script for user invoc
  • Check if XML can be used as a data exchange format for local websites (OK)
  • Split off libmawxml
  • Transition d5mandbinit
  • Create d5manquery
  • Design and write d5mandbsync
    • Take inspiration from old d5mandbsync
    • Idea: Generally we sync taking pages from stdin (potentially multiple zero-separated pages like w/ d5man2xml)
    • In order to handle attachments, we rely on d5mandbsync -a to update attachments by obtaining a path using libd5manioresolve create io resolve lib
    • Downloads not recognized
  • Transition d5mandbcompliancedup
  • Design and implement d5manioresolve Commandline Utility
    • This is an interactive resolver (line by line from stdin)
    • We need to define a simple protocol/format for answers (generally, CSV might be a good format for an answer / alt. very simple XML?)
    • IDEA: Output is CSV and commands can be used like old d5manio (i.e. -r and -w parameters are added in front of the page depending on the mode)
  • Writing to commands is necessary in d5manioresolve. We therefore need to define how processes are invoked differently for r/w and where the difference is actually considered...
  • Rewrite d5manview.vim and related
  • Update d5manui to use new viewing mechanism and to directly invoke VIM (needs some logic to create new pages!)
    • Need to extend the new d5manview.vim to be able to create new pages if invoked w/ correct function. (OK)
    • Extend DB to be able to produce names for result codes of resolve queries (OK)
    • Allocate currently stack'ed variables to heap and create new variable on stack to hold the commandline (OK)
  • Implement d5mandelete [-d] section name to delete pages (-d means from DB only)
  • … Establish Java Library libd5manexport
    • Contains APIs to communicate via stdin/stdout w/ D5Man C parts
      • Also abstracts/supports process pools for quick responses
    • Contains APIs to parse the result of these processes
    • Contains general classes like D5Stream and similar
    • Aim at creating functions as listed below
    • XML processing taken from second try for server
  • Website: Create layout/html templates for download boxes and add server code to support doing this.
  • Website/Server inconsistency: If \code{lang} is used once, every code gets a black window / if it is never used, the code is just printed on the page. Dow we want to keep it this way or prefer all black windows?
    • Probably use #500000 (link background) for all code boxes (except for page source code: fill whole page black)
  • Website: Extend Template to contain links to the source of a page and back
  • Website Content: Extend existing pages to contain download fields
    • Also add suitable links from overview pages
    • Also there should be backlinks from the download boxes to their origin pages (need to amend DB query!) This is HRC for perfect website
    • Check if download page generation works (OK)
  • Sitemap should list all @src.xhtml pages with ultra low priority (one tenth of original page priority?)
  • … Implement D5Man Server
    • attempt a full website upload after backup
  • Important enhancement: Before attempting to write d5manexport we need to merge the pages created for the server into the XHTMLExport and review ProcessingResult. Finally, the page package should be below xhtml and only one XHTMLExport should be all the server and export need.
    • Which of the parameters to XHTMLExport should be created inside that object (i.e. are never shared)? Parameters: Conf, D5ManDB, DownloadsTable, D5ManIOResolver (new interface to abstract from processes), D5Man2XMLProcess Created by Export: VIMProcess, ExternalLanguageProcessors
    • Should XHTMLExport really close potentially shared resources? (no it should not)
    • General idea: Allow multiple XHTMLExport instances to operate concurrently sharing some of their processes to reduce resource usage maintaining a high speed of processing for parallelized exports to be implemented later.
    • Create XHTMLTemplateValues to create the entity replacement table from a given AbstractD5ManDBPageMeta and content Strings
      • Use this to process ProcessingResult as well as DDownloads
    • Move DataSource to ma.d5man.lib.export.xhtml.pages. move md5 to D5Stream. Then link them together in XHTMLExport and make sure necessary objects are managed by the XHTMLExport need to implement all the getMD5 methods
    • The previous DMan is merged into XHTMLExport so that XHTMLExport implements MinimalResourceSet / or shall we create a method like XHTMLExport.viewAsResourceSet() to return something like DMan
  • LaTeX Template / General functionality OK
    • Develop a nice design OK
    • Attempt to compile all pages OK
    • Code-Language Lookup Table OK
    • Add TOC OK
    • Add a custom front-page (might depend on the compliance level) (need to be designed as well) EWONTFIX / idea superseded … one page is too much we just create a notice at the begin of the ToC
    • distinguish between multi-part/single-part and single-page exports (multi-part has separate parts, single-part not and single-page does not have a TOC). Also, exported pages should appear in a sensible (alphabetic) order grouped by section (and those should be ordered ascending) OK
  • client: LaTeX converter
  • … New functions: d5manexport especially TeX export (Java)
    • System critical issues OK
      • Circular exceptions
      • Exception causes whole program to halt
    • Other question: Why are there errors in the first place? OK (due to this file being misformatted)
    • Progress display OK
    • Downloads table not exported correctly OK
  • Missing export formats LaTeX Export
    • Need to generate all-including overview and static template (also do not include dtd in output as it is meaningless here / similar for XHTML export!) OK
    • Need Template and what about \img{a.svg}{Ma_Sys.ma} ⇒ need to replace svg/pdf and _ / \_. The whole thing is not very nice... find a good solution... OK
    • Idea: Replace pdf/svg in LaTeX and _ need to be escaped in the first place ⇒ amend XHTML epxort to unescape them... OK
    • Template problem: Does not support leading and tailing spaces... cf. lstlistings documentation... OK
    • Sort pages before LaTeX export OK
  • Use d5manexport instead of d5manserver for Website generation purposes.
  • New function: It would be good if D5Man's utilities (like export and server) could also act on detached pages in order to be able to still use sort of no longer relevant but still existent pages. This category would be most useful for readme-files for solutions to exercises and notes tied to some other non-website (or print-only or hardware-related) topic. Currently, there seem to be two means of implementing this
    1. Amend programs like export and server to be able to take files directly. This makes it easy to export single pages and has little overhead although the implementation is rather difficult
    2. Create scripts to perform live-creation of necessary meta-structures like DB and configuration. This has a large overhead but is least work to implement and also works with hyperlinks and multiple pages as well as attachments and downloads tables etc.
  • Use Terminus font for sourcecode online
    • Download terminus fonts
    • Use fontforge to convert them properly
    • There is a TTF for the font – no need to convert ☺
    • Probably not a good idea wrt to printing
    • also think about cancelling all webfont usage (except for titles?) because it makes page rendering strange and slow SEL
  • … New Functions: d5manvalidate (Java)
    • add: Validate to check if the current page converts to XML properly and if all attachments are avaliable. Create a d5manvalidate for that purpose?
      • This could improve the checking script as well.
    • create a link checker to check all pages references to other pages as well as weblinks by evaluation the HTTP response. d5mancheck [query]
      • we also need to be able to reverse-search for links upon renaming pages etc.
    • It should be possible to also validate if the page can successfully exported to valid LaTeX and XHTML? How would we access proper exporting for this? move more functionality to libd5manexport? → This works now
    • As it stands, d5manvalidate highly depends on d5manexport. It might be advisable to just add it to the same source-tree and just make validation perform the following three general steps (all optional)
      1. Convert to XML, Check w/ DTD
        • Check internal and online links → OK
        • Browse the FS for unlisted files and compare db metadata w/ reality (as in existing partial implementation) OK
      2. Convert to XHTML, Validate XHTML (using XHTMLExport) (TEST)
      3. Convert to LaTeX, check if it compiles (using LaTeXExport, TEST)
    • create status thread and merge all validation tasks which use an XML export (perform file export and then validate the files?) OK
    • Check if validation works / We say it's OK / Failures below / Rest is OK!
      • Wrong report for /data/main/man/d5i/38/d5_clock.d5i (download main missing in D5I file header) … was not in sync w/ DB?
      • Unclear if LaTeX export works … watch log details...
  • se/summary (35) sometimes two newlines, sometimes one between descriptions?
  • d5man/format(32) not exported to XHTML (NullPointerException)
  • Validator links broken in new server!
  • db_io_resolve.c needs to create missing directories if asked for writing to real files.
  • Depending on the window size the server is running in, exported code has line numbers or not. export environment vairable to make sure code never shows line numbers (or do something like set nonumber or such)
  • Website VIM Code has ID instead of class (and other properties than normal code)
  • d5manmirrorautoftp uses old invocation d5man -s ⇒ defunct till fixed
  • server/website: MathML not embedded correctly, validator says like there is no attribute xmlns for math and no MathML elements exists gives like 2000 errors for GDI II page
  • d5man export race condition appeared: did not terminate w/ two processes remaining
  • index.xhtml does not redirect in d5man -s-Mode
  • d5man2xml does not work w/ Windows newlines (\r\n) but in order to be able to process Oblivion-Mod Readmes, we need to support this.
  • Threading problem d5manexport hangs at exporting mss_summary(35) (see text file todo_threading_problem.txt / probably related to assertion failures e.g. caused by {$\eta}$ – an invalid d5man2xml input...)
    • Found out that the StderrCacher does not notify the result buffer thread correctly (due to the StderrCacher already having the output before a thread is registered to be notified) ? → Correct StderrCacher.
    • StderrCacher was not the issue. The terminator was not sent correctly, because it appeared not indented as necessary ⇒ TODO MAKE SURE THE TERMINATOR IS ALWAYS INDENTED … TEST (→ a d5man2xml defect?)
  • web/about(31) Key Online-Verfügbarkeit Link defekt – wieder behoben 2016/01
  • Important regression introduced by switching to new XML-list format Incorrect indentation (titled vs. untitled lists) in Ma_Sys.ma Website 4 (potential solution: do not indent all lists inside first level because indentation is same regardless of title/no title...)
  • LaTeX export: If lang=de the ToC is still called Contents but should be Inhaltsverzeichnis


  • php5-sqlite, dash, php (+ webserver), vim, libsqlite3, libncurses
  • libsqlite3-dev, libncurses-dev
To be checked
  • ditaa (diagram drawing) to be able to include diagrams in D5Man pages
  • Which LaTeX packages are necessary to build a new Ma_Sys.ma PDF?
Portability Issues
  • libd5mandb: d5man_mkdir.c relies on UNIX directory manipulation. (can be solved by using system or an OS specific directory creation command / error reporting need not be correct)
  • d5manui: d5manexec.c relies on UNIX exec function (this can be solved by simply using a system call)

Ideas from a complex Java implementation

Solving database problems
  • Our new program is able to contact two databases
  • There is a user-database ~/.mdvl/d5man/db and a system database /var/lib/mdvl/d5man/db
  • Upon installation of a package which contains a d5man-file for documentation, this file is processed through d5mandbsync which then updates the system database at installation times.
  • When the user requests a page through a query, pages from both databases are considered, but pages from the local DB override pages from the system db.
  • This allows us to use MDVL normal and also have an installable version of all pages we also locally have
  • This allows users to edit system pages by saving a local copy
  • The only situations which is not supported: If we create/edit a local copy and then the page gets updated, we still have the old version! This could be mitigated using a special validation utility checking for newer system pages than local pages with the same name!

Configuration Parameters

Include default configuration resource to be consulted first in order to have some sane defaults for all values... (?)

root_shared=<Shared data write root>
root_personal=<User data write root>
ro=1 # optional (this is for ``read only'')
# Combine these with any number of db, excatly one jdbc and optionally
# more jdbc0, jdbc1... (all from high to low priority)

Note System and Website Requirements

Note System
a) wkhtmltopdf for short lived things b) print editing, save html and then wkhtmltopdf c) use text2html to convert html directly to text (looks acceptable)
Different methods of storing
Method Descr
D5-Manpage completely edited/reformatted html2text
Plain Text slightly edited html2text
PDF from wkhtmltopdf
ZIP of Scrapbook if nothing else helps

Transitioning is very important... items should be able to be moved till they are respected D5 Manpages or such. We have introduced the expire attribute for that.

online: <!-- result --> offline: <script type.../...>

<!-- <?php /* -->
        <script type="text/javascript" src="offlinescript.js">
<!-- */ require("....php"); ?> -->
Website Requirements
  1. Static X/HTML must work.
  2. Periodic Login must not be necessary.
  3. Basic PHP must work. Statistics will be collected using a Write Ahead Log text file which will then be evaluated on the source system.
  4. FTP or WebDav access is required to programmatically upload files.
  5. Basic HTACESS Access management to hide DB and statistic files.

Board before the third review

(only items not listed above; ideally all of this is solved once the third transition has been completed)


User Stories
  • website: improve usability
    • add download custom field which specifies link,chcksm,file or such and automatically generate the downloads overview page w/ smaller text for checksums
      • This is a similar issue to the sitemap generation. we need additional fields there, too ⇒ change DB (add some columns) or rewrite in Java using another DB?
    • add a download button to project pages for which downloads exist (make a little box w/ chcksm, size, download link etc.)
  • wesite: develop a means of viewing the page sourcecode online (ideally w/ syntax highlighting enabled) for all pages which do not include dynamic PHP. This needs to be implemented in the d5manserver
    • Use :TOhtml VIM command to solve part of the problem (the result has to be pre- and postprocessed to generate compatible and hyperlinked output)
  • server: higlight sourcecode
    • The VIM Interface has been written but it is necessary to connect it to the server properly. XSTAT Where to do this?
      • To begin with, we need to be able to read d5manio -r directly to be able to display page sourcecodes. PART
        • Some restructuring has been started in a separate fork below xdev/test. Continue there.
      • Next, the template needs to be shared among page source code and the page generator in order to be able to access the menue while viewing the page sourcecode.
      • Finally, the template needs to be changed in order to be able to switch between src and not src (probably in the footer or header?)
  • d5manmove fails to populate and delete attachments
  • d5man2xml fails for words with tailing ~. Is this a bug?
  • d5man2xml does not properly indent XML for tables which contain a single symbol
  • d5man2xml regression does still not handle english quotation at begin of line correctly (cf. gpl page)
  • d5man2xml does not handle M-S-- in a table correctly (fails w/ unexpected space). Cf. spectrwm_kbd(42)
  • d5manserver Website sourcecode XHTML export not working since Debian 8
  • Description list entitled w/ value in quotes fails w/ OOM
  • Defect in d5mandbsync (see Makefile)


  • d5man2xml: does not support nested quotation
    • could not reproduce so far. only occurrs under specific circumstances? or resassign to d5manserver?
  • website: Search results contain search.xhtml page at high positions because of missing sitemap for Google
    • A rough attempt has been taken hardcoding important page names in Sitemap.java. This, however, can not be considered a final solution.
    • Ideally, we would add some optional meta values which could then be used to identify change frequency, relative importance and potentially also a <meta name="description".../>
      • This is related to the usability storie's download buttons idea which also requires some additional fields.


User Stories
  • d5man2xml: Add special math mode {$ and $}
    • server: implement math mode correctly
  • client: write
  • server: compliance / data stores sensitive parts and is not released in source form. Other sensitive parts just get compliance internal
  • link experiment ip.php
  • js_info(33): add this script to the local experiments section to make it available online. File created but has to be linked to.
  • chartable(33): add this to the local experiments section...
    • Problem: could be abused to drain performace. Limited to 20 000
  • ein_mal_eins(33): add the script to the local experiments section to make it available again. and link
    • configure stylesheet properly (buttons etc.)
  • website/design
    1. Navigationsleiste Rotton schwächen (cf. aktuelle css)
    2. Brauntöne versuchen (fail)
    3. Textbreite ab 1280px incl zu groß → max 30 cm Textbreite
  • server: mirror the page by compliance: should the server hide any acompliant parts or should we mirror the db and cnt and start the server from it?.
  • content: convert Ma_Sys.ma PDF
    • work on page tracking
    • content: add new Projects: dirstat 2
  • mirroring the page needs an incremental FTP utility
    • ftp: Try wput or ncftp (has an automated put utility as well).
    • ASEL sitecopy which is in Debian and possibly available for Windows as well + a simple wrapper script.
  • server: test 404
  • d5man2xml: Make (!) a symbol
  • d5man2xml: Make CTRLC the markup for keyboard shortcuts
    • In order to complete this, we will need to update the server to be able to process the new tags.
    • implicitely corrected defect: server displays Ma_Zentral 12 shortcut table incorrectly
  • server: The generation of offline search indices is TBD
  • server: the search function (see below)
    • php part almost ok except for output layout (how about asking the lima city forum?) – did not get any better suggestions so far.
    • make the js part replicate the php part as good as possible using offline search indices...
    • Search index format /pagedb.js w/ JSON. main → section → list of page names tag → tagname → list of page section and name for this tag
    • need to be able to search by tags. We need to manually perform the join in SQLJet because the library does not do it for us.
    • next, the client side javascript part is to be implemented.
    • finally, we want to be able to navigate in the search just like w/ IAL.
  • d5man2xml: permit things like a--b for a to b.
  • Set correct viewport and larger font size as well as larger button distances (?) for mobile devices … → Google Webmaster Tools recommends to do this.
  • d5man2xml table in d5man/format(32) contains four dots where three should be.
  • d5man2xml does not create pragmas w/ {< and >}.
    • This has been corrected ⇒ implement changes in server
  • d5mandelete utility does not exist
  • d5manexpire defunct (news should be expired)
  • d5manserver: process output does not become accessible w/ waitFor if it exceeds some internal buffer
  • design: consider using yellow links instead of purple ones?
  • server: 404 includes wal two times
  • server: news includes default two times
    • E couldn't reproduce
  • package: perform db compliance dup upon package upgrade; program or data pkg?
    • data pkg makes more sense but program pkg is easier to implement
  • server: quotes not localized properly in Iceweasel
  • d5man2xml fails to create links in tables properly (cf. web/downloads(31))
  • MAZENTRAL backspace does not work on Windows
  • website 404 sometimes fails to work correctly.
  • content: add archive server readme to d5man system
  • d5man2xml produces a space after opening code for tools/1(33) tables
    • related to the fact, that a proper 0-separator is not placed...
  • d5man2xml: does not support quotation at begin of paragraph. Workaround:
    • prefix _{}_
    • REASSIGN to D5Man Server (d5man2xml is not responsible)
  • d5man2xml creates in symbol if not surrounded by spaces (cf. file_transfer(35))
  • d5man2xml does not handle ... at the begin of a first field inside a table
    • This is due to some leading spaces being present.
  • d5man2xml fails to handle empty table field as in messgeraete(35)
    • potential solution: Define empty symbol or recognize ~ in TBL
      • The reason this is not recognized currently is that ~ is only a space if in mode INWORD. Otherwise, it is considered a normal word, which does not apply here.
    • alt: document to use empty code symbol ` `
  • d5man2xml fails with code in description list title
    • Spaces get lost unconditionally (cf. gdi1)
    • The problem occurs once normal parenthes are present because parse_preprocess.c recognizes the input as a link and therefore removes all spaces. ⇒ we need to add a MODE_PREPROCESS_CODE to skip over code during the preprocessing stage
  • Website stylesheet fails on Chromiums device simulation mode (much too large)


User Stories
  • website/program: content security policy
  • regex(33): add this to the local experiments section to make it available online.
    • /e is to insecure ⇒ not added
  • website/misc: Add lima-city logo in the bottom line if mirroring to lima-city
    • add a server option to allow the user to insert additional banners at the bottom of the page or at least add an option to display one additional banner for the hoster
    • A simpler solution has been chosen: The banner is now always displayed (who cares if offline IAL also advertises Lima-City?)
  • content: make start page special for IE on windows 8
  • D5man Format: Think of allowing the new LaTeX math notation which uses \( and \) for inline math and \[ and \] for separate formula (we'd override \[...\] to support multiline (gather*) equations of course). We could use this to support math explicitely on websites and reserve the LaTeX {...} for real LaTeX? EWONTFIX
  • Windows build script
    • Check if adding flags removes mingw dll dpendencies (→ sqlite build)
  • content: Grutatext website linked from d5man/format(32) no longer exists. Some recovery has been performed using the Wayback machine and Google Cache. (Resolved by the site appearing again)

Status 2016/06/07

… as reported by cloc

Language         files          blank        comment           code
Java               211           2204            831          10006
C                   62           1058            554           7617
C/C++ Header        70             99            253            727
XSLT                 3             83             56            643
make                27            102             17            446
Bourne Shell        10             89             37            386
vim script           3             43             82            221
DTD                  2             34             38            111
SUM:               388           3712           1868          20157

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