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name		keysigning
section		37
description Public Keys Overview
tags		encryption security pgp gpg mdvl
encoding	utf8
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lang		en
creation	2014/10/13 00:22:39
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------------------------------------------------------------------[ Overview ]--

Also refer to web/about(31) for the whole public key used for e-mail signing and
encryption. E-Mail and Encryption Key

    pub   4096R/B29E08B5 2013-06-09 [expires: 2045-06-01]
          Key fingerprint = 90A3 013A 8D45 FDFD 81EA 37CA F849 70ED B29E 08B5
    uid   Linux-Fan <>
    sub   4096R/A729A3B0 2013-06-09 [expires: 2045-06-01]

MDVL Package Signing Key

This key is used for packages _only_. Do not trust it for _any other_ type of

    pub   3072D/FC324548 2013-02-15 [expires: 2103-01-25]
          Key fingerprint = EAD8 A23F 9A3E 2283 1928 59FE 1D62 F5D9 FC32 4548
    uid   Linux-Fan (2) <>

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