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Ma_Zentral 12

----------------------------------------------------------------------[ Meta ]--

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-------------------------------------------------------------------[ General ]--

Welcome to the Ma_Zentral 12 Documentation. Ma_Zentral 12 is a set of
useful scripts and applications making available a wide range of
and applications. Ma_Zentral 12 runs on Windows XP (with some
limitations) and above and fits on a double-layered DVD with 8.4~GB.

Unlike previous versions, Ma_Zentral 12 is not mainly a graphical interface
allowing you to click on a program to start it but instead provides a few
utilites and a tiny core component to increase working efficiency employing
MDVL-like shortcuts to run applications and heavy reliance on console-based
applications. With ``MinGW'' and ``Git for Windows'', Ma_Zentral 12 makes the
user able to run many UNIX commands like `ls` and use shell syntax like
`[ -f file.txt ] || : > file.txt`. The old ma_shell(33) has been included again
but it has become a lot less important. Finally, the Ma_Zentral 12 DVD allows
you to boot a MDVL 32 CD including some of the most important MDVL applications
and, of course, a fully functional MDVL configuration.

	Ma_Zentral always contains a lot of outdated and potentially buggy
	software. Be sure to operate it from a readonly disk and make sure,
	the system does not automatically open antything from the internet
	with Ma_Zentral contained software because it likely contains a few
	security issues which are already known but not fixed on the DVD.
	Keep in mind that some of the DVD's applications are more than fifteen
	years old!

---------------------------------------------------------------[ Basic Usage ]--

Ma_Zentral 12's core component is `mazentral12.exe`, a compiled AutoIT-Script
enabling common MDVL shortcuts slightly modified to be used with Windows.

      Ma_Zentral 12 Main Shortcuts
      Shortcut     Action
      [ALT]-[F1]   Bash for Windows
      [ALT]-[F2]   Customized Executor to start applications
      [ALT]-[F3]   VIFM file manager
      [ALT]-[F5]   D5Man
      [ALT]-[F6]   WinSCP (Eclipse on MDVL)
      [ALT]-[F7]   Firefox
      [ALT]-[F8]   Ma_Zentral Shell (similar to MAEM)
      [ALT]-[F9]   Process Explorer
      [ALT]-[F10]  7-Zip
      [ALT]-[F12]  Ma_Zentral MMC (Windows Vista and later)

All other applications can be run using [ALT]-[F2] and typing the application
command. While this works for commandline applications as well, it is not
recommended. Instead, [ALT]-[F1] should be used to start a terminal and the
command should be run from there. When working with files, VIFM often choses
a Ma_Zentral program to open common file types automatically. Finally, some
mappings have been added to VIFM to create a MDVL like behaviour.

      Ma_Zentral 12 VIFM mappings
      Mapping       Action
      `'a`          Go to `%APPDATA%`
      `'d`          Go to ``My Documents''
      `'h`          Go to user home directory
      `'l`          Go to ``Downloads''
      `'m`          Go to Ma_Zentral 12 Root directory
      `'s`          Go to `%TEMP%`
      `'t`          Go to Ma_Zentral 12 Cache directory
      `'w`          Go to `%WINDIR%`
      `'X`          Go to `X:\\` (works for all drives)
      `:run`        Invoke program below cursor
      `:hex`        Run Hex Editor on selected file
      `:cmd`        Open `cmd.exe` in a new window
      `:mashell`    Open ma_shell(33) in a new window
      `:7z`         Open selected file with 7-Zip
      `:materm`     Start a Terminal in PWD
      `:explorer`   Open this directory in explorer
      `:je`         Open selected file using JEdit
      `,1` to `,4`  Open the selected file in VIM (split 1 to 4 times)
      `,p`          Open IrfanView
      `,t`          see `:materm`

---------------------------------------------------------[ Core Applications ]--

With Ma_Zentral 12 there is no longer a centralized "`overview"' of all
applications available. While they can all be found using the Executor or
from a Terminal, it is necessary to provide an additional overview. The programs
listed in this section are integral to Ma_Zentral and many of them have also
been included in previous versions. Applications which have an own shortcut or
can be run directly from VIFM (see tables above) are not mentioned separately

Windows-like Shells
	``, `mashell`, `mashelln` and of course `cmd` may be used to
	enter a normal Windows shell. The `mashelln` command starts a ``new''
	Ma_Shell like terminal and is the most reliable Windows-like shell you
	get with Ma_Zentral.
UNIX-like Shells
	`busybox`, Git for Windows and MingW are inclueded to be able to run a
	normal shell. They support some common commands. By default, [ALT]-[F1]
	starts a ``Git for Windows'' Bash.
Text Editors
	`maedit` is a simple Java Editor without search and replace functions,
	`jedit` runs a powerful graphical editor and `vim` is of course the
	preferred default.
	Using `libreoffice`, a whole LibreOffice Portable is extracted to the
	Ma_Zentral TEMP directory. Also, `pdflatex` can be used to compile LaTeX
	from the commandline and `pdflatexg` provides the old Ma_Zentral
	behaviour which lets you select the source file interactively.
	By default `autoit` opens the AutoIT Compiler, all other AutoIT related
	programs can only be run giving their path explicitely (try
File Analysis
	Ma_Zentral 12 greatly improves the means of file analysis. The Hex
	Editor `hxd` edits raw files, `filealyzer` calculates checksums and
	graphs. Further graphs can be created using `binvis` and `dirstat2l`
	provides a Dirstat 2 working with a mobile PostgreSQL, `dirstat2`
	invokes it without starting/connecting to a specific DB. `windirstat`
	and `sequoiaview` provide additional means of FS visualization.
Network Analysis
	Once `wireshark_instpcap` has been run, `wireshark` and `nmap` can go
	into action and provide general network analysis. `ncat` also works
	without any driver. Rated compliance ``personal'' is `inssider` because
	it is only licensed for home usage.
	`firefox` and `lynx` web browsers are provided. Also, one can use
	`whois` and `wget` for specialized internet tasks. A mobile
	`thunderbird` is also included.
	`server2go`, `postgres_mazentral`, `sqlitebrowser`, MingW `gcc`, `nasm`
	and `nasm_simple` to compile a basic ``hello world''-example. A
	fully-fledged JDK inlcuding the strong cryptography extensions is also
File Transfer
	`vcp`, `robocopy`, `rsync`, `cpio`, `tar`, `7z` and `matransfer` -- a
	script to perform fast and unencrypted network transfer using NetCat.
Graphical core programs
	`apimonitor`, `autoruns`, `binvis`, `bluescreenview`, `eclipse`,
	`everything`, `foxitreader`, `gimp`, `iconview`, `imgburn`, `inkscape`,
	`irfanview`, `miktex`, `nifskope`, `putty`, `ultradefrag`, `vlc`
Terminal core programs
	A selection of important tools includes `tickcount` to view system
	uptime and `rawcopy` to perform `dd`-like copies. Qbasic is `qb` and
	compliance ``internal''. core programs
	`big`, `bruteforce`, `xmlparser`, `pressed_keys`, `progress`,
	`labyrinthe3`, `netread`, `matrix`, `unraf` (compliance ``internal''),
	`ffmpeg` and `convert` are included as part of ImageMagick and ready
	for use.
Games (often compliance ``personal'')
	Finally, like many previous versions, Ma_Zentral 12 alos contains a lot
	of Descent 3 related commands: `descent3`, `descent3conf`, `d3edit`,
	`d3gamtool` and `d3tool` just to mention a few. `d1x-rebirth` and
	`d2x-rebirth` are also included.
@AKG (all compliance ``informal'')
	The normal utilites: `endor`, `sis_package_updater` and helper scripts.
	`informal/xrem/dks_term` contains the said script to prevent DKS PC
	A few ...`view` programs are included to be able to find out what
	happened last on the current computer.

----------------------------------------------------------[ Additional files ]--

Unlike with previous versions, there is not a single `addtional_content`
directory but rather a `xrem` below each compilance level for which additional
content exists. The only exception is `prerelease/masysma/stne` which contains
a lot of STNE-related material which is also not accessible through the normal

The respective `xrem` directories below some compliance levels have contents as
described in this section.

	Among a few license files for some of the applications which were
	directly stored in the `bin*` directories, we find a Setup for Ext2FSD,
	a Windows EXT driver which might come handy in case of emergency.
	Additionally, two demos `only_four_colours_left` and
	`rot_ist_meine_kugel_rtificial` are included. `templates`, the
	`masysma_logo` and `avatar` are also included.
	As already mentioned, we find `dks_term` here. Additionally, some
	test vectors for ``JCE Unlimited Strength Cryptograhpy Extension''
	(`aescrypt.jar` and `readme.txt.aes` with password `testwort`) and
	a Java3D demo are included. Finally, there is `preliminary_avscan.7z`,
	a 7-Zip archive of the log produced by Anti Vir for scanning a
	prerelease Ma_Zentral 12 tree with most programs already included. Two
	false positives are also included.
	Some additional Descent 3 conversion utilities you will likely not need
	among license and readme files. Also, `general_images`, `cartoons` and
	a Minecraft Savegame
	`labyrinthe_heft` (1 -- 5)

It is possible to start a live MDVL 32 CD edition from a Ma_Zentral 12 DVD.
Related folders included `/isolinux` and `/live`. These may safely be deleted
without any effect on Ma_Zentral 12's Windows parts. The `/repo` directory
contains an almost-complete MDVL repostitory. Together with either the MDVL 32
CD or any Debian installer, this allows a fully-functional MDVL to be installed.

Packages removed from the repo for space reasons
 * `mdvl-ial` (extract `internal/masysma/` to `/usr/share/mdvl`)
 * `mdvl-descent3-movies` (copy from `personal/descent3`)
 * `mdvl-d2x-rebirth-movies` (copy from `personal/d2x-rebirth/Data`)

--------------------------------------------------------------[ Installation ]--

The installation routine has been improved to be faster if one installs most of
Ma_Zentral 12. It allows you to delete some compliance levels from the installed
version in order to comply with the programs' licenses. Also, it creates a DVD
image first to get sequential reading speed (which is faster on a DVD than
random access). Should you want to install to a drive/directory with less than
twice the DVD size of space available you will need to perform the steps (or
a normal copy) manually.

The Ma_Zentral 12 installation does not automatically perform any steps apart
from transferring the DVD contents to the destination and may therefore safely
replaced by a manual approach.

---------------------------------------------------------[ Licensing aspects ]--

The parts of Ma_Zentral 12 are all below GPL 3 unless otherwise noted. Ma_Zentral 12 -- scripts to manage a DVD of portable applications
    Copyright (C) 2014
    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.
    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.
    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <>.

Licenses of the included programs are somitimes not clear. Basically, the
following applies.

	Means that you can use the included applications for private as well
	as commercial usage and that they can freely be copied. The strictest
	of the licenses to apply to these programs require you to leave the
	original program distribution intact.
	These applications are safe for commercial usage as well but some
	additional restrictions apply.
	These applications _should_ be safe for commercial usage as well but
	the licenses are often not clear anymore.
	As the name suggests, this is not _yet_ suitable for any release and
	might contain more data than is allowed to be released.
	``Non-free'' content and restrictive licenses. To use this programs,
	you need to possess a valid license of the repsective application/s.
	Commercial usage is often restricted or disallowed.

Remember that this is only an aestimate. The licenses are explicitely not
guranteed to be as described here.

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