the_masysma_note_file_format(32) Language: English

The Note File Format


Originally, the file extension .ma was used for a variety of different things which resulted in the file type being marked as obsolete for being useless.

Still, a new use for the extension was created when the Note File Format was defined: The note file format was the format for storing textual information intended to be read by humans before it was superseded when d5man/format(32) was invented. Some of the syntactical aspects of the Note Format have been re-used for d5man.

The new use for the .ma extension was also the first time, an own vim(36) syntax highlighter was created by the


Basically, a note file looked as follows

 Header with the normal copyright data and program name
 Additional creation data if available


Text and lists etc.

Lists were formatted just like with D5Man, except the syntax was a lot less strict and description lists were not properly recognized. All other syntactical elements were undefined (as the format needed only to be read by humans).

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